Our Staff

Dr. Tyler Lookabaugh


Physical Therapist


I grew up in the greater Pittsburgh area where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in 2017. I went on to earn of Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 2020. I began my career at OSPT in September 2020.

While in PT school, I received mentorship from physical therapists with a variety of backgrounds including orthopedic clinical specialists and neurological clinical specialists. This spanned various settings including outpatient orthopedics, hospital based acute care, and inpatient rehabilitation with a core focus of acquired brain injury and stroke rehabilitation, and home health care. I have completed continuing education by the McKenzie Institute including Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT) Part A.

What drives me is the desire to want to be a positive agent of change in the manner of helping people return to doing what the need to be able to do or want to be able to do. I also have the mindset to persevere to reach a goal that I set or to try everything I can to reach that goal.

Tyler Specializes In:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries
  • Treatment of Vestibular Dysfunction
  • Treatment of Balance Dysfunction


I find patients will often start on the path of seeking medical care for a problem where they are passed on through a system of various physicians, tests, and images. At the end of the road, they are likely left with the options of medications or injections, surgery, or physical therapy. I would like to fast-track patients straight to physical therapy so they have the chance to learn about and address the root cause of a problem naturally without unnecessary medical spending, medications, surgery, or time lost doing the things they love.

I’m drawn by the patient-centered approach that we are able to offer in this private practice setting where I really have the opportunity to get to know patients and continually work with them throughout their duration of care from start to finish. This allows for consistent and regular reassessment by somebody who is capable of building a whole picture of a situation which leads to better outcomes for the patient.

While I enjoy variability in the conditions that I treat, I find joy in treating those with spine-related pain as I find this to be an area where we as physical therapists can be very effective in treating even if a patient has not had long-term success from other treatment approaches.

What is Dr. Tyler Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • Forrest Gump (Movie)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Team)
  • Survivor (Rality TV Show)
  • (Bonus Answer) The Summer Olympics,  when it’s on

When not working, I enjoy trying local food places, running, mountain biking, traveling, and spending time with my dog and my wife.

Patient Testimonials

“I am very pleased with the therapy I received at OSPT, wonderful service. Tyler is very very knowledgeable and easy to work with. My right shoulder feels much better and I have more mobility on my right shoulder. I also went back for vertigo therapy and Tyler was able to help me to get back on my feet again. The staff at OSPT are friendly, courteous, helpful, and respectful. I recommend OSPT to anyone.”

“Tyler was just amazing! He really listened to my issues and found the answers I needed to live a pain-free life again! After years of chronic low back pain, he was able to provide me with stretches that alleviated my issues. I am so relieved to function normally again! Thank YOU SO MUCH!! HIGHLY recommend this clinic to anyone with pain issues. They are MOST caring and really listen!!! The front desk staff was amazing with our crazy schedules. Couldn’t ask for better!”

“I was having a problem with numbness in my right leg due to a pinched nerve in my back. Tyler was exceptionally well-trained in this area and he did an outstanding job in getting my pinched nerve released. After my treatments, I can now stand in line at stores with no difficulty and no pain. I would recommend OSPT to everyone! The entire staff is very friendly and made you feel very comfortable.”