Carlisle Testimonials

My daughter had a very professional but still enjoyable experience at OSPT. I was very happy that they had evening availability for appointments. Everyone working there is supportive and really easy going to work with. Both therapists (Tyler & Andrea), were well organized and had great communication on the treatments they were going to implement. I would highly recommend OSPT for anyone needing physical therapy.

A. Mahan

Hersh and the team were great. Very detailed explanations for how my exercises where helping my injuries and gave me step by step instructions when I was away or at home. I’ve got everything I need to continue on my own, and I am much better for multiple activities that were previously very difficult, painful, or nearly impossible.

Matt Sacra

Tyler and Andrea were always very attentive, professional, and knowledgeable. They are very attentive to cleanliness. I definitely recommend OSTP to anyone that has pain and wants to improve.

Kim B. Poolman

This is definitely not an assembly line PT clinic. I received very individualized care from Hersh. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in his assessment and care. Dave was very helpful in executing my exercises and home PT program. I was pleased with the results of my therapy and was discharged with a clear plan for continued progress at home. Everyone was very friendly and had a genuine care for questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this clinic to a friend or family member. Top notch!

Susan Ray

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Richard Baker

When I arrived, I was using a walker with a leg brace. After a few weeks of therapy, Hersh and his folks had me walking unassisted and building my muscle strength to go up and down stairs. They gave me numerous, very helpful exercises to continue doing at home and checked in with me even after they released me from care! If I ever need PT again, I will definitely put myself in the competent, caring hands of the OSPT staff! I’ve referred a few friends to them since and they all had glowing comments about OSPT! They run great informational classes too!

Google Review

Top notch care facility. I choose to travel 25 minutes further to be cared for by this facility than one that is 3 miles from my house. Always greeted with smiles and a warm greeting every time I had a session. Open and honest communication. The whole team is great. Was able to have my leg strengthen for an upcoming procedure that will require more post op treatment. I know I will be in good hands. Thank you again OSPT