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What is the McKenzie Method?

Although the McKenzie Method is easy to understand, it is often misunderstood by those outside the industry. McKenzie practitioners use a clear examination to determine which movement will provide the best pain relief. Low back pain can be treated by lying on your stomach, with your right leg bent, or in a chair with your elbows touching your knees.

McKenzie exercises can be any exercise. However, it is common to think that McKenzie Method only extends the range of possible exercises. McKenzie is a technique that allows you to evaluate the direction of pain relief by a series of “exercises.”

The McKenzie Method, which is similar to other physical therapy techniques, was found “by accident” and is now the most popular treatment for neck, back, and extremity issues.

McKenzie Method History

Robin McKenzie, an Australian physical therapist, founded the McKenzie Method, of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. He became an innovator in pain management through trial and error.

The McKenzie Method is a combination of several evaluation methods that help physical therapists decide the best course of action. Robin McKenzie created a system for classifying patients based on their symptoms, pain behaviors and syndromes. The McKenzie Method, which is specific to each condition, can help you determine if you are suffering from a dysfunction, derangement or postural syndrome.

This method involves moving the body into specific positions or movements in order to ease pain. McKenzie Method practitioners can help you find the right body position or movement to relieve your pain.

McKenzie believed in self-treatment and encouraged other physical therapists as educators. Patients can take control of their pain when they understand how the body works and how to react to it. Physical therapists can only be as effective as the patients who do their exercises. It is recommended that pain relief exercises be done as soon as possible if you are in acute phase.

Why Is McKenzie Therapy Effective?

McKenzie therapists who are certified McKenzie therapists believe in good body mechanics. There is always a way for patients to track the injury that caused their pain. Although shoveling snow, raking leaves, and moving heavy objects are all common chores, many people are too busy to care about their posture.

The McKenzie Method is a great way to get back pain-free if you are prone to injury, or if you overdo yardwork or housework. You may think that surgery is the only way to treat spinal stenosis. It is not uncommon for patients to feel relief after being placed in a specific position by a McKenzie practitioner.

After an hour of McKenzie treatment, even patients who have been walking crooked for a long time can leave our clinic.

Because the McKenzie Method is unique, if you practice this philosophy and have good posture and body mechanics, your symptoms will be under control for the rest of your life.

Will the McKenzie Method benefit me in Carlisle?

I tell patients at Integrated Rehab that I am a mechanic. I can fix mechanical problems. While the McKenzie Method may help, it will not solve a long-standing neurological problem or structural problem such as arthritis. Patients with symptoms or signs that are not of a mechanical nature may need a different McKenzie evaluation. Additional diagnostic testing and a return visit to the doctor may be necessary. However, the McKenzie Method has helped me in my practice to help my patients get better faster.

The McKenzie Method is a clinical approach that addresses most pain behaviors. You don’t need to have surgery, prescription medication, or extensive rehabilitation to relieve pain. Doctors will often assume that a muscle or joint causes back pain. But, I’ll warn you, don’t rush to pinpoint a particular tissue as the source of your pain. Many tissues are interconnected in the spine and all are controlled by the same nerves. McKenzie practitioners rarely use MRI or other diagnostic tools to guide treatment. The best answer is usually found in the evaluation.

We find the McKenzie Method very easy, but it is extremely rewarding for our patients. These patients are very grateful for your work, and I believe they are the most rewarding.

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Richard Baker

When I arrived, I was using a walker with a leg brace. After a few weeks of therapy, Hersh and his folks had me walking unassisted and building my muscle strength to go up and down stairs. They gave me numerous, very helpful exercises to continue doing at home and checked in with me even after they released me from care! If I ever need PT again, I will definitely put myself in the competent, caring hands of the OSPT staff! I’ve referred a few friends to them since and they all had glowing comments about OSPT! They run great informational classes too!

Google Review

Top notch care facility. I choose to travel 25 minutes further to be cared for by this facility than one that is 3 miles from my house. Always greeted with smiles and a warm greeting every time I had a session. Open and honest communication. The whole team is great. Was able to have my leg strengthen for an upcoming procedure that will require more post op treatment. I know I will be in good hands. Thank you again OSPT