Disclaimer: Before you try these or any other exercises, consult with your physical therapist or physician first.

Chin Tuck Exercise


    • Assist yourself by sitting or standing in a straight position
    • One hand on the chin, one on the palm
    • Slowly push your head back, and hold for 5 seconds
    • Return to your starting position, and do it again two- or four times more

Chest Stretch


    • Place your feet in front of a corner of the room, at least five feet from the wall. (You can also use a doorway to substitute).
    • Place your arms side-by-side against the wall. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and keep your hands at your ears.
    • Move your body forward until you feel a stretch.
    • Continue holding and following the instructions.
    • Do it three more times
    • Do this one time per day
    • The stretch should not cause pain
    • Take Time: 30 Seconds