Cross Training: How it can benefit you!


Cross-Training – This term is common in the gym. You might have seen cross-trainers at sports events or even wear cross-training shoes. Cross training simply means that you use more than one type or exercise to reach your training goals.

You might want to improve your vertical leap to be able to play better basketball. Cross training is a great way to improve your jump. You might be asked to do some weight training, such as leg presses and plyometric jumping. We are using two types of exercise in this case to help you jump higher.

Cross-training is a good idea, but why? Cross training is good for your body because it gets really good at the exercise you do. This is known as specificity of training. You can get really good at wrist curls if you do them every day, but your chest muscles will not get stronger. You can also cycle every day, but you won’t be as proficient at swimming. Cross training is a combination of a variety exercises that stresses muscles. Cross training prepares your body for the many stresses you face every day. Cross-training will help you develop strength, endurance and flexibility. You’ll also be able to coordinate your movements with a wider range of challenges.

Cross training is a great way to work all three types muscle fibers. Cross training is beneficial for endurance, slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers.

Cross training is a great way to keep your mind engaged in training. Cross training means you’re not doing the exact same thing every day. It can be difficult to stick to a workout program. You can achieve success with the right instruction, motivation, and a great cross-training program.

Cross training can include a variety resistance exercises and aerobic exercises. Here’s an example of aerobic cross-training.

Day 1

  • Ten minutes on the treadmill
  • Stationary cycle for 10 minutes
  • Rowing machine 10 minutes

Day 2

  • Walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes
  • Crosstrainer machine 10 minutes
  • Stairstepper 10 Minutes

Day 3

  • Swim 20 minutes.
  • Rollerblade 20 Minutes

Day 4

  • Walk for 20 minutes.
  • Climb stairs 20 minutes

Cross training is a great option. Give us a call. We’d be glad to help you.