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Our Physical Therapy practice places patients first. Our passion is to help them reduce pain or discomfort quickly through a hands-on approach that assesses and treats physical conditions that affect muscles and nerves.

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What Is Laser Therapy?

Any injury, arthritis issue, or other problem in the body bio-mechanically will cause pain. This is called the associated inflammation. The Orthopedic & Spine Physical Therapy Deep Tissue Laser is an amazing tool that can help patients reduce pain and inflammation. The Deep Tissue Laser can penetrate deep into the tissue to reduce inflammation and speed up healing. This state-of-the-art technology speeds up healing and allows patients to recover faster and more fully. Using a Class IV laser, deep layers of tissue are exposed to light energy which activates the body’s healing response. This metabolic effect has a domino effect throughout the body reducing inflammation and lowering pain levels. Treatments typically last five to ten minutes and most patients experience relief in just three to five sessions.

How does Laser Therapy work?

Laser therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation. Unlike medications, laser therapy reduces pain without undesirable side effects. It is also important to point out that patients report long-lasting pain relief. While the number of treatments required may vary depending on the acuity of the condition, many patients experience lasting relief after only a couple of treatments.

Lasers work by increasing blood supply and bringing oxygen into the cells. The laser stimulates the lymphatic system and pulls out inflammation and swelling. The cells are stimulated to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the body’s primary unit of energy. This allows them to have the energy they need to function normally. This breaks the pain reflex, providing immediate relief.

Laser therapy is able to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery from a variety of chronic and acute clinical conditions. A significant reduction in swelling was observed. Tissues are also better equipped to drain fluids through lymphatic drainage pathways.

When treating acute conditions with laser therapy, it is particularly effective when it is administered as soon as possible following injury. The faster the inflammation is reduced and the healing process can begin, the better. In the case of acute injury, laser therapy helps restore the body to normal function more quicker.

What to Expect in Carlisle

Laser Therapy has been clinically proven to be an effective treatment for inflammation and pain. This method allows us to reach deep into the tissue. This method can also be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions such as low back pain, chronic neck pain, and hip bursitis.

The laser energy penetrates tissues and causes a gentle warmth. This helps to ease pain. These treatments are painless, quick (lasting approximately 5-10 minutes), and highly effective.

Although results can be seen immediately, the best results are observed after three to five treatment sessions. The effects of the therapy will be felt by your body for between 18-24 hours. Patients will feel less pain due to modulated cellular activity.

Conditions Treated with Laser Therapy

Depending on the condition, whether it is an acute swollen ankle or chronic low back pain, the therapist will set the laser up for your condition to treat the pain and inflammation along with improving cellular function to maximize the benefits.

Depending on the laser, it can create little to no sensation or it can create a gentle, soothing warmth. Treatments are quick, usually 5-12 minutes depending on the size, depth, and acuteness of the condition being treated.

Some of the conditions treated with Laser Therapy:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Low Back Pain
  • Shoulder and Knee Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Neck Pain
  • Disc Issues
  • Sciatica
  • Tendonitis and Tendonosis
  • Foot and Ankle Conditions
  • And much more!

Contact Us About Starting Laser Therapy Today in Carlisle

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment option. It has been favored by people who have sought long-term pain relief. Because it can impact pain at a cellular level, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is able to provide the pain relief that our patients need for complex and simple conditions.

Start with the least-invasive treatment options if patients are experiencing pain. To reduce pain, try cold laser therapy before considering surgery or shots. Laser therapy can also be used to wean patients off pain medication. Call us today to learn more about our low-level treatment options.

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Kim B. Poolman

Tyler and Andrea were always very attentive, professional, and knowledgeable. They are very attentive to cleanliness. I definitely recommend OSTP to anyone that has pain and wants to improve.

Donna Bryner

When I went in the first time I could hardly function due to the pain in my neck. I was a high 10 in pain. Tyler and Hersh discussed what they could do to help me. After first three visits I was getting some relief. I chose to try the laser treatments also. After six treatments I was so much better. I was able to function again with only a 6 pain level. After six weeks of therapy I am a pain level of about 2. With my continued home therapy I should soon be a 1. Tyler was a great therapist. Listening to me every visit and helping me through the exercises. He cared and it showed. Loved him. As for David he was so helpful and kind. He helped me believe I could get better. Always they were both kind and friendly and caring. And for Hersh. All I can say is he is wonderful helping people. And he has such a wonderful group (including ladies out front) to show you how to get your life back on track with little or no pain. Loved them all. Thank you all for helping me.

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