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Easier To Walk Up The Stairs

“My PT story begins with chronic, moderate to severe neck pain, and with limited range of motion when attempting to turn my head. The story continues with a well-thought-out treatment plan and ends with results that I would not have considered possible a month before. At my first session I was greeted by Physical Therapist Joseph Burns. Joe’s goal for the meeting was to conduct an evaluation. He took a thorough medical history and went on to have me demonstrate the limits of my range of motion. It was also time for me to “evaluate” Joe. I was immediately aware of excellent listening skills, great depth of knowledge, and sincere interest in my improvement. With data in hand, Joe developed a plan for my treatment. The plan included “hands on” physical therapy treatment, a regime of exercise to be done during PT sessions, and additional exercises to be done at home. The exercises, designed for stretching and strengthening, grew in quantity and intensity with each PT session. Technique is important; teaching the proper technique is another characteristic of Joe’s repertoire of skills. Joe was not the only professional involved with my care; Physical Therapy Assistant, Hollis Burrell was a part of the team. Hollis skillfully demonstrated, new exercises and kept a keen eye to make sure that they were being properly executed. Important parts of her job were to keep me on task and moving from one exercise to another. She accomplished all of those goals with professionalism, good humor, and caring. Joe and Hollis contribute to a friendly and comfortable environment at OSPT. But, friendliness and comfort are not enough; results are important too. This PT Story began with chronic, moderate to severe neck pain and the story ends with mild and infrequent pain. My range of motion has improved, too. These are successes that I would not have thought possible one month ago.”

– Aaron H.

I Could Sleep Again

“I came to OSPT with severe pain in my right thigh which prevented me from sleeping. My leg aches all night long. My husband had been treated at OSPT with excellent results so when the physician at OIP recommended Physical therapy, OSPT was my first choice. After the first visit I had relief. The exercises that Hersh and Andrea taught me gave me such relief that I could sleep again. The pain in my right leg is 100% gone. Thank you guys so very much!”

– Karen B.

I Can Now Crochet For Many Hours

“My experience here has been top notch. Everyone has given their best to help me with my pain and problems. I was in a severe accident many years ago and believe my pain and lack of movement in the shoulder/back/neck area was the result of that trauma. My doctor insisted I had a rotator cuff tear, but I was against any surgery. I came to a seminar here and was very pleased with what I learned. I’ve had many problems doing routine chores, such as cleaning, cooking, etc. The worst problem was not being able to crochet for more than 15 minutes at a time, crocheting is my passion and I refused to give it up. Well, I can now crochet for many hours without a break which is mental therapy. I would recommend OSPT in a second. They ROCK!”

– Jane W.

Playing Basketball At The Collegiate Level

“After a bad fall during basketball training my knee was in lots of pain. So in addition to my college trainer I needed more help in order to start my season strong. When I first arrived at OSPT I was greeted by the sweetest women at the entrance. They helped me with paperwork and other things I needed to get started. Afterwards Dr. Hersh took his time getting to know me as an athlete & a person and what problems I was having with my knee. He figured out the problem quickly & gave me a plan on how to fix it. After the first week of working with him and PTA, Amber Wenger I could feel the strength in my quad increasing. By the second week my knee had decreased and I was able to do a lot more in practice. Now after many sessions I am mostly pain free and playing basketball at the collegiate level. I want to thank all the staff at OSPT for all the help they did in order to get me back on the court faster.”

– Jonica B.

OSPT Righted My Dizzy World

“I woke up getting out of bed and immediately felt dizzy and the room was spinning-I fell onto the bed. I was able to walk and move slowly after the initial episode of vertigo…but I felt like I was listing up and down on a boat on rough waves. Tilting my head up, or looking down, brought on a dizzy sensation. I felt slightly nauseated as well. I could not lie on my left side-this would cause the room to spin. I used several pillows to sleep on as well-for fear of lying flat and being dizzy. I like to exercise, running, lifting moderate weights…being active. My vertigo prevented all of this from happening. However, the evaluation, therapy, and exercises that were provided here at OSPT re-aligned the crystals within my ear…and I was able to once again sleep on my left side, roll side to side, sleep with one or no pillow at all-lying flat-without being dizzy. Best of all, I was able to exercise, and run to my heart’s content. OSPT righted my dizzy world-Thanks…Bunches!”

– Christy C.

This Past Month At OSPT Has Change My Life!

“My experience here has been wonderful! The staff couldn’t be more friendly and helpful! I came in with not being able to do activities such as using a computer mouse for more than a few minutes (my job) nor holding my camera for any length of time. I’d also wake in the night feeling like my hands would fall off! The numbness and tingling was getting close to unbearable. This past month at OSPT has changed my life! I feel back to normal- which I thought that would never happen again! Thanks OSPT! You guys are amazing!”

– Cathy M.

Better Balance

“Before coming to OSPT, I had difficulty with balancing my body movements. My balance was totally off. I feared I would fall. I could not perform some basic chores, dancing or other social activities. After my experience with the professionalism and care of OSPT, I am able to control my balance better, and I have become more confident in many of my normal undertakings.”

– Helen K.

I Have Been Headache Free!

“Coming into therapy, I dealt with daily headaches due to neck tension and frequent pain in my neck and upper back. I had issues at work, at home, and exercising. After a month of therapy, I have been headache free! I can participate in my daily activities without the annoyance of constant tension. I feel so much better. Thanks Joe!”

– Kaylin K.